WrestleMania United States Title Match


There’s no doubt that Logan Paul has entered the conversation as a legit WWE superstar. He’s far from a celebrity cameo. Logan has become more confident in his promos, leading to terrific mic work. Plus, his in-ring work has slowly developed well. Today, many feel like you cannot miss a Logan Paul match. He comes up big in every match he has, win or lose. Usually, he just has to think about winning a match any way he can. Now there is a WrestleMania United States Title match he has to consider.

In terms of kayfabe, this WrestleMania United States Title match will be his toughest test. Paul hasn’t defended the title much since he won it several months ago from Rey Mysterio. Unlike the one-on-one or tag matches he has usually been a part of, he will be in a triple threat against two future WWE Hall of Famers, Randy Orton & Kevin Owens.

These two men are some of the most experienced and feared superstars on the Smackdown roster. On top of this, rulebreaking might not work in his favor. He also won’t benefit from bringing out randos from his friends list to help him out. Triple Threat matches are usually no disqualification. KO & Orton will be prepared for any weapon or brass knuckle use Paul wants to attempt. They can get away with the same things.

The fact two men are out there means that anyone coming in to help Logan will likely not get very far. Logan Paul clearly wants to keep his first championship in WWE, but can he do it? In this article, we break down that possibility. We also discuss the possible outcomes for what might take place if Orton or Owens win instead.



Kevin Owens Knocking Out Logan Paul With Brass Knuckles
[Image via WWE]

The story around Kevin Owens winning this WrestleMania United States Title match is interesting. However, he seems like the odd man out in this match. He already faced Paul for the title and did not get the job done. Of course, he was disqualified for using brass knuckles in their match, which would be legal in a triple threat.

Don’t get us wrong, we love KO. It simply will not serve as a big story going forward to have him win. He’s been in a perpetual war with Austin Theory and Grayson Waller for months. While it could be intriguing to have the three of them duke it out with a title on the line, the reality is that it doesn’t feel like it’s a good use of any of them to have to dance around the championship.

This feels to us like Owens is on the card because of his previous feud with Paul. It’s also important to point out that you shouldn’t have a WrestleMania card without him on it if he’s healthy.

The truth is Owens doesn’t need a championship. He’s a microwave superstar. You can heat him up in 5 minutes, and he’ll be ready to compete for any championship at any time. Interestingly, you cannot do this with many WWE Superstars. That makes Owens a necessary player to have in rivalries. Look how WWE used him against Roman Reigns, for instance. They basically made it a Royal Rumble PLE tradition to have them face off.

Is it out of the question that Owens could beat Paul? No. However, it doesn’t seem very likely.



Randy Orton
[Image via WWE]

You might call us crazy, but we don’t think it’s out of the question for Orton to win this WrestleMania United States Title match. He’s been out of action for the better part of two years due to back surgery. Since returning, WWE has put a lot of spotlight on the Viper. He returned at the Survivor Series to take part in War Games and had a WWE Undisputed Universal Championship match at the Royal Rumble PLE. Both are big spots to be in.

Now he finds himself in a rivalry with Logan Paul, mostly because he decided to be in one. Orton is still a big, title-picture player in WWE. Orton might be a 15-time World Champion but he has been United States Champion before. Paul might be improving but he still needs others to help validate him. Therefore, giving him KO & Orton is key. Orton doesn’t need this, so using his living legend status to help Paul is useful. Yet he could also make others with this title similar to how John Cena used it.

Imagine Orton giving title matches to the likes of Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, and even Grayson Waller. It is not about who he faces as much as who he finally loses the title to.

One might argue that Paul still needs to get big wins to become a bigger deal. However, he does not need the U.S. Title to do it as he can feud with anyone. It just takes Paul insulting someone on his podcast to lead to a match. There’s no shortage of faces he can battle.

How sure are we that Orton walks out of WrestleMania as the U.S. Champion? Perhaps 50/50 at best. Still, it wouldn’t shock us at all if it happened.



Logan Paul - U.S. Champion
[Image via Joe Camporeale/USA Today Sports]

This is hard to answer because ideally, the answer would be: Probably. Paul still has a major crossover appeal. Unlike celebrities who came to WWE in the past, he’s not just good in the ring. He “wants” to be here and even signed a deal to work more of a full-time schedule. With less than 20 matches under his belt, Paul is one of the most entertaining people to watch in the ring today.

Therefore, we have to ask…is there any urgency to have him drop this title? Winning the WrestleMania United States Title match makes far more sense. Plus, there is something else to consider. Paul was the one who made the official announcement that Cleveland will host the SummerSlam PLE later this year. He also just made a huge sponsorship deal for his Prime energy drink, which TKO will be featuring in the middle of the ring.

As weird, stupid, and tacky as we find that to be…it’s still big for Logan.

Logan is also from Cleveland, so seeing him retain the United States Championship at least up to that event makes a lot of sense. WWE seems to be making him a big focus this year anyway. He might need credible challengers to validate him, but the person who beats him will be loved by the fans. Who will beat him? We think perhaps Carmelo Hayes or Bron Breakker, but there are many possibilities here.

Yet WWE could also have him lose the title only to win it back in Cleveland. We just think Paul showing off that title everywhere he goes for press, and on his ImPAULsive Podcast makes more sense.

We won’t be shocked if he loses, but we predict Logan Paul retains the U.S. Title at WrestleMania.