Jimmy & Solo Attack Jey Uso

WrestleMania Brother vs Brother Match: Predictions And Possible Outcomes For Jey Uso vs Jimmy Uso

At WrestleMania 40, we will be seeing two things that pro-wrestling loves to use as themes: a former tag team partner rivalry & family vs family. Both work pretty well for WWE, to the point that they have been recycled countless times. However, it is relatively rare to see real-life brothers face off on the grandest stage of them all. A WrestleMania Brother vs Brother match has happened less than a handful of times. Again, we’re referencing real-life brothers…which means storyline brothers like Kane & The Undertaker don’t count here.

Bret & Owen Hart were the first real-life brothers to face off. Then in 2009, Matt & Jeff Hardy faced off against each other. While the storylines were different between both matches, the end result was the same. Two real-life brothers are fighting. However, we’ve never seen twin brothers face off against each other at WrestleMania. Yet we will be getting that this year, as Jimmy & Jey Uso will face off.

Jey was never fully safe from his family on another brand, and Jimmy wanted him to realize that. Jey wants to leave that life behind, but how can he? He loves his brother and they are one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history. He still wants to escape and be on his own, but there is only one way to do that. That leads us to this WrestleMania Brother vs Brother match.

In this article, we’ll break down the story and discuss who we believe will win out. On top of that, we’ll be discussing the potential outcomes after the match as well for both men. With all of that out of the way, let’s get started!



Jimmy Uso Screws Over Jey Uso
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The real issue with this WrestleMania Brother vs Brother match is that it has not had the build others had. In fact, there is nothing sensible about the rivalry that makes much sense. While a lot of the Bloodline story was flawless over the past few years, the storyline issue between Jimmy & Jey Uso has been puzzling.

Jey was Roman Reigns’ Right-Hand Man for the better part of three years. Jimmy came into the Bloodline skeptical but became a converted believer, yet eventually threw the first shot at the Tribal Chief. The Superkick heard around the world sent shockwaves through the wrestling world. While Jey had his issues with The Bloodline, it was Jimmy who threw the first punch.

Now Jey had to decide: does he side with his broader family & heritage or with his twin brother that would lead to facing the wrath of Roman? He was an easy choice to make, but both had major consequences. Solo Sikoa, the Enforcer of the Bloodline, is their little brother. However, he refused to leave Roman’s side. As a result, Roman and Solo teamed up against The Usos, where Jey pinned Reigns. This was the first time Reigns had been pinned in years!

Solo took out Jimmy without a second thought afterward. Jey vowed to get revenge on Roman, choosing to face him in “Tribal Combat” at SummerSlam in 2023.

Jey was on the cusp of beating Reigns. Then as Jey hit the Uso Splash on Roman, about to beat him…Jimmy came in and cost his brother the match. Jimmy’s excuse for this was that he did not want to see his brother end up like Roman. Meanwhile, Jimmy went right back into The Bloodline to work for…Roman?


Does any of that make sense? Of course not. Maybe it was never supposed to, who knows?

After all of this, Jey Uso feels he’d be better off leaving the SmackDown Brand. This led to Jey being traded to the RAW Brand, where he had some great success starting out. In fact, he won the Undisputed Tag Team Titles with Cody Rhodes. This is ironic, as Rhodes has been one of Roman’s greatest opponents and rivals. This even dates back to before Cody left WWE years ago. Yet this was where The Bloodline would make sure they made Jey realize he could not just leave, for family is forever.

Jimmy Uso would actually interfere to cause Cody and Jey to lose the tag titles. They’d even come out #1 & #2 respectively in the Men’s Royal Rumble match this year, where Jey would eventually last longer. Jimmy then wanted to keep sticking it to his brother, so he yet again showed up at RAW to make Jey lose his WWE Intercontinental Championship match against Gunther.

“The Ring General” was on the ropes and arguably without Jimmy’s interference, Gunther could have lost the IC Title.

This infuriated Jey, and rightfully so. While this rivalry has very real stakes, most of this has never made a lot of sense. In fact, it feels incredibly forced at this point, and fans are kind of annoyed by it already. Jimmy seems so desperate to want his brother to suffer, acting out of what appears to be pure jealousy and jealousy alone.



Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso - Brother vs Brother - 2024 Royal Rumble
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For Jimmy, he wants to prove he’s not second fiddle to his brother.

He feels that he’s seen as the lesser of the two. Jey is the Main Event superstar who is getting title opportunities on RAW. Arguably, he could be the World Heavyweight Champion in the next few years. Jimmy, on the other hand, is just carrying Roman’s bags and doing his dirty work. Outside of Kayfabe, he’s a big star with a big role, but in it, he’s just a henchman. This is probably not where he’d like to be.

Taking out his brother would show that he’s every bit as talented and capable. In fact, if Jimmy wins and Logan Paul drops the United States Championship to a babyface, Jimmy could challenge for that title. He’d also be in a solid position to win it.

For Jey, this is about his pride.

He’s already seen as a big-time player. Beating his brother doesn’t elevate him. However, losing to his brother, especially if Solo interferes, doesn’t dim his light much. Yet it does hurt him slightly from a storyline perspective.

Despite that, he is a main-event talent who will be getting into a feud for a singles title at some point this year, with or without beating Jimmy. This match is more about proving he does not need his brother or The Bloodline.

While the stakes are different, this match is similar for both…it’s about family. They are not just brothers, they’re twins. They might want this match, not as career advancement, but for pride, to show who is really best. It is about their relationship by proxy. If done right, this could be an intense match. Plus, we feel this should be the start of something, not some sort of ending point.



Jey Uso "Yeet" Sunglasses
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It is important to note that in this WrestleMania Brother vs Brother match, things are quite different from the others. Owen & Bret both had a lot of singles work, and both Matt & Jeff notably had a lot of singles success. For this match, Jey Uso comes in with quite a lot of singles wrestling experience while Jimmy does not have as much.

Jimmy did cost Jey a chance to capture the IC Title, so he should come into this match pretty fired up. While Jey does not need this for status, getting a clean win over Jimmy only cements him as one of the best on the roster. It certainly puts him just a tier below Reigns and clearly above everyone else in The Bloodline.

Jey could carry this momentum back into a potential rematch with Gunther, should the Ring General retain the IC Title at WrestleMania. He could also carry this into a rivalry with Drew McIntyre if he were to beat Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Title.

Honestly, the outcome of this match isn’t as interesting as what they could do with Jey moving forward.

Let’s say Jey goes over clean, then Drew beats Seth thanks to Bloodline interference. If Jey beats Drew and even takes the title, what does that mean for the Bloodline Power Ranking? Jey would be a World Champion. If Roman loses to Cody, Jey is the only one with gold around his waist. Where does he land in his family?

Remember that Jey is a permanent part of The Bloodline, whether he wants to be or not. Status here is determined by the title one holds.

Plus, we think WWE would simply give Jey the win to make him look good.



Jimmy Uso Superkicks Jey Uso - Brother vs Brother
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Honestly, out of both scenarios, this seems the most likely.

Why? Jimmy is the heel and therefore has no limitations, allowing him to do anything to win. Plus, he has Solo watching his back while Jey has no one. At least, no one could be present that evening.

If Jimmy gets the win in this WrestleMania Brother vs Brother match, he will give him a certain level of status within The Bloodline. If he manages to beat his brother alone, with no interference, it would give him major bragging rights over Reigns. After all, Jey pinned Roman and Reigns nearly lost to Jey beforehand. Jimmy would beat Jey all by himself, which says a lot.

It would be interesting if Jimmy walked away from WrestleMania as the only official Bloodline member to win a singles match.

This feud carries more weight when the face is chasing the heel. Giving Jimmy the win clean could still accomplish a lot, but this is not normal Bloodline tactics. The most likely outcome would be using Solo to help Jimmy win. However, it could be cool to see Solo turn on Jimmy….but there are no such plans for that currently. No seeds have been planted for that, so don’t expect it.

If Uso vs Uso is going to be a blood feud worth more than one match, then Jimmy needs to only win by the skin of his teeth and by any means necessary. That means Solo interferes or Jimmy uses a weapon to take out Jey. This could set up a bigger match at WWE’s Backlash PLE in France, then perhaps a blowoff match at the Battleground PLE. WWE could have this rivalry end in a Hell in a Cell match too!



Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso - Clash of Champions 2020
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We feel, again, that WWE does not see this match as the ending point of something. Rather, it is the start of something. If Jey Uso gets payback on his brother at WrestleMania, then they could do more matches. However, it would take Jimmy going even further with his violence against his twin brother. This honestly feels out of character for a guy who claims to love his brother though.

To us, it makes sense for Jimmy Uso to get a shock win here.

Again, it does not exactly hurt Jey to lose to Jimmy, especially with Bloodline interference. Jey would also want to get a proper rematch against Jimmy, despite being on opposite brands. That sets up the potential match at Backlash, which could be a No DQ match or Tribal Combat.

However, this will all depend on their status with their VISAs. Since both have had their run-ins with the law in real life, they have not been allowed to leave North America. This was why WWE had Solo make his main roster debut at the Clash at the Castle PLE over in the United Kingdom. Therefore, we’re not sure if either man can go to France at this point.

This is an easy thing to get around, as WWE can perhaps have the two continue going after each other on television. Eventually leading up to the Battleground PLE. Which could then set up their third and final match for potentially the Money in the Bank or SummerSlam PLE. We feel that, in the end, Jey will need to get the final laugh by beating his brother inside Hell in a Cell.

Plus, the cell holds a special place in Bloodline lore, so it’s the perfect match to end the rivalry in.