Liv Morgan - RAW May 13, 2024

Why WWE Might Be Botching The Liv Morgan Revenge Tour

WWE fans are sort of scratching their heads over the company’s insistence on turning Liv Morgan into a heel. While it makes sense in theory, the ideology is flawed at its core. Basically, fans have started to love Rhea Ripley despite her heel nature. She is a villain, but she has become a beloved one. Sort of like Killmonger from Black Panther, people love the characters and refuse to dislike them. Ripley, like Killmonger, has been impressive and cool. Therefore, when Morgan took Rhea out of action as part of her Liv Morgan Revenge Tour, fans were upset.

How could they not be? Rhea held the WWE Women’s World Championship for over a year. She even retained the title in a match with Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 40 back in April. Ironically, her injury left the door open for a new champion to be crowned. Both Morgan and Lynch were part of an over-the-top-rope battle royal to decide the new champion a few weeks back. They were the last two remaining, then Becky bested Liv to get the win.

Due to being the last woman eliminated, and after being victorious over people like Nia Jax, Liv asked for a match for the title. Both Lynch and Morgan will face off for the title at the King & Queen of the Ring PLE in Saudi Arabia this month.

WWE, in this build-up, has decided to make Morgan heel. Obviously, Lynch is a good babyface, and one that the company needs right now…despite having yet re-signed her to a new contract (as of this writing). Due to this, Morgan has become the de facto villain when she really shouldn’t be. Let us explain.



Rhea Ripley Attacking Liv Morgan
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Liv Morgan returned to WWE after missing several months of action at the Royal Rumble PLE back in January. She had a good showing in her return, despite not winning the Women’s Rumble match she returned for. The moment this was over, she made it clear what her intentions were. She wanted to not just take out Rhea Ripley, but also take everything from her that she could.

Why would Morgan want to do this?

Because Ripley, back in July 2023, attacked Morgan before their match was supposed to start. While the story is that Rhea injured Liv’s shoulder, this segment was actually done to write Liv off of television. She had actually suffered the injury before this at a live event. Morgan is not a stranger to shoulder injuries nor is this the first time Rhea has been a problem for Morgan.

When Ripley joined the Judgment Day, she would soon attack Morgan who had been her tag team partner before this. They were good friends and were performing well together, but Rhea had to take out her friend to move into major villain status. Her work has been so good that fans fell in love with her, and would soon be calling her “Mami.” This took place after she essentially persuaded Dominik Mysterio to turn on his father Rey Mysterio and join Judgment Day.

They have been an on-screen couple ever since. Due to Chyna once calling Eddie Guerrero “Papi” and the name being remembered, it only made sense to start calling Rhea “Mami.” However, Morgan has been a problem for Mami ever since then. She keeps coming and that would lead to Rhea storyline-wise, taking out Morgan.



Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch
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Of course, Liv Morgan is well within her right to want to take out Rhea. This is why the Liv Morgan Revenge Tour concept made a lot of sense. The issue is that Mami has gotten over so much that WWE was planning to turn her babyface anyway. It is claimed that Ripley had been hurt prior to WrestleMania but was working through the issues. WWE then planned to start a program with Rhea and Morgan, resulting in Liv attacking her backstage.

It is unknown if Ripley needed time off to get her shoulder fixed prior to this or not. However, on television, we saw Morgan attack Rhea which led to Ripley being written off television the following week. With this, the Liv Morgan Revenge Tour had accomplished something huge. It was always the plan for Morgan to take out Rhea like she did to her. Ironically, Rhea is now out with a shoulder injury, the exact same issue Liv dealt with.

Many fans did not like seeing Rhea leave, so they began to boo Morgan initially. Yet she was beloved before this, even on the night she attacked Ripley.

WWE then just went with what the fans the week after started to do. They booed Liv, but Morgan had not yet turned heel officially. The following week and ever since Morgan has been cheered when she came out. It was only this past week on WWE RAW where we’d get a completely heel version of Morgan.

Ironically, she is still being cheered and is the number one woman in merchandise sales right now.

Wait…if she is supposed to be the villain in all of this, why is her merch selling so well?? Whether it is kids or random adults, Morgan is still well-liked. That’s why.



Liv Morgan Beats Tiffany Stratton
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The company seems to be anticipating Morgan is going to get booed the moment Ripley comes back to the company. As of now, Ripley should be cleared roughly by the SummerSlam PLE. Which is a perfect event for Morgan vs Ripley to take place. However, Morgan is not the one that should be booed. This is why fans are buying her merch and still cheering her.

Liv, if anything, literally got her revenge on Ripley by taking her out the same way she took Morgan out a year ago.

WWE is now trying to somehow make Morgan change her entire attitude. While it makes sense for her to get a more vicious side and attack someone like Becky from behind, changing her personality is weird. Most personality or attitude switches take place slowly, not at the rapid pace that WWE has done with Morgan. She went from demanding respect from Becky to her face one week to bad-mouthing Lynch in gossip fashion with another female WWE Superstar the week after.

It makes no sense to make rapid switches.

The Liv Morgan Revenge Tour might be going down a detour for some, but not for the rest of us. It was always Morgan’s plan to take everything from Rhea, and that includes the title she was forced to vacate. Becky is just the one holding it right now, so it makes sense for Morgan to do everything possible to take it. However, the random personality switch is just stupid from a writing standpoint.

Fans like Morgan, and she was not the one who started all of this. She is just the one trying to finish it. Why must she be the villain?



Liv Morgan Cashes In MITB
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It feels like Becky Lynch was always meant to be a random placeholder for this title. This means Morgan could win it as soon as the upcoming King & Queen of the Ring PLE. If she doesn’t win it here, it is always possible she will win it at another PLE. There is also another possibility to consider.

Liv Morgan could win the Women’s Money in the Bank match once again. Since Rhea will want to get a title match right as she comes back, we could assume that Lynch will grant it due to Rhea never losing the title to start with. Rhea very well could end up beating Becky for the title, only to then be cashed in on by Morgan the very same night.

This possibility might be an issue to some as we just saw the exact scenario play out at WrestleMania 40. Damian Priest cashed in on Drew McIntyre when he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the event. Yet this might be why cashing in on Rhea here would be so interesting.

Priest is Ripley’s Judgment Day stablemate. She was there to celebrate with Priest when he won the title too. Would it not be interesting to see Ripley lose her title the same way her stablemate won his? If this were any other person, the move wouldn’t be as good as it would play too close to the same situation occurring months prior. In this case, it is perfect due to the Judgment Day connection.

If WWE decides against this, then Morgan would have to beat Lynch for the title soon so that Ripley vs Morgan could take place at the end of the summer.