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Penta El Zero Miedo Could Be Leaving AEW For The WWE Soon

Current AEW wrestler Penta El Zero Miedo, previously known as Pentagon, Jr., has been unhappy as of late. With his contract ending soon with AEW, rumor has it that he has been considering a jump to WWE. Interestingly, he and his brother Rey Fenix were said to have had some discussions with WWE beforehand. Of course, neither decided to go to WWE. This could have been due to their friendship with the Young Bucks & Kenny Omega, but it hasn’t gone very well for either man.

While Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix are a great tag team, both are excellent singles performers. Winning tag team gold in AEW, TNA, AAA, & PWG does prove how great they are together. However, before either signed with AEW, they were also wrestling for several singles championships. This is especially true in Mexico, where they were a huge part of the AAA Wrestling promotion. Of course, Penta El Zero Miedo has also been a notable CMLL wrestler as well.

Of course, he is aware that by signing with WWE, he would give up on wrestling for any other promotion. However, while under an AEW contract, he still feels like wrestling elsewhere is worthy of his time. One cannot blame the man, as they have not used him nearly as much as he should have been used. This really comes down to the AEW roster, which is overstacked. It isn’t easy to get enough matches for everyone.

While WWE does great with having a large roster and trying to get everyone on television that they can, AEW has been struggling with this for years. It is not a wonder why he’s considering the jump.



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Penta El Zero Miedo first would want to consider the jump to WWE just because of money. Yes, AEW could likely match any offer WWE could make him. Yet one big issue with Tony Khan, the AEW Owner, is that he mostly just wants to keep people away from WWE. It is not about signing great talent that can make AEW a lot of money sometimes. Even when he knows he cannot give Penta much, he’d still offer a competitive contract and would likely try to outbid WWE.

That would still come with the freedom to wrestle in other places too.

According to The Wrestling Observer, one big issue Penta had with AEW was that he was not allowed to wrestle on the same shows as CMLL talent. For those unaware, a deal that Khan made with CMLL was that anyone working with AAA couldn’t wrestle CMLL talent in AEW. On top of that, they could not even be on the same card with any CMLL wrestler either. This was a stupid rule and purely made due to their own local rivalry.

While annoying for Penta, those issues seem to have been worked out. This does not mean Penta is happy about the ordeal. It certainly does not mean he is happy with his current AEW position either.

As of now, Penta is rumored to be trying to buy the rights to his name. This idea is that he’d use it in WWE if he were to go there. This would be good to have for multiple reasons, but the fact he could take it anywhere in America would be the biggest reason.



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Penta El Zero Miedo is most certainly considering his options when his contract expires. Trying to purchase his name is a priority because of this. He knows it would offer a solid option and a little freedom.

While his current name is an option, there is always the opportunity to use his old name, Pentagon, Jr. Of course, WWE could also come up with a new name for him to use anyway. As of now, however, Triple H has allowed established names to come in with their previous name.

Most of the people having to use another name are those with very little independent experience, as well as the athletes WWE trains to become wrestlers. Oba Femi, the current NXT North American Champion, is a good example of this.

In the case of Penta, there is a lot to consider for him. Even if he can own his name, WWE may still want to change it. However, that is unknown currently.

According to Fightful, Penta’s AEW deal will be up either in August or September of this year. That is only a few months away, which speaks volumes. Clearly, he is currently in contract talks with AEW and has not agreed to anything. If he was not considering a jump to WWE, he would have already signed a new deal months ago when they would have started offering a renewal.

While he might remain in AEW, going to WWE could be a huge step in the right direction for Penta El Zero Miedo. WWE has proven they can make people into stars and they’re interested in signing him too. Therefore, even if Penta only signs one deal with them, he would become a bigger name because of their massive exposure.