Adam Pearce Angry With Breakker

Bron Breakker Is Getting A Brock Lesnar-Like Push

Bron Breakker is one of the best young athletes WWE has signed in a long time. Sure, they might sign some impressive independent star. This is always cool to see, because we’ve likely seen their work for a long time already and thus, wanted them in WWE. However, we had no idea what we were going to be getting with Bron Breakker at all. While he did train a little and wrestled barely on the Indies, for the most part, he has been a pure WWE product.

Basically, he has not been beaten up on the independent circuit like others. Rather, Breakker’s dream was originally to play football. He was pretty good at it too, and played all over the field during his youth. He was given a scholarship by Kennesaw State University where he would initially play mostly on special teams as well as some on the defensive side. Breakker would then be moved to running back where he remained throughout his college career.

While he did go out for the NFL Draft, he would not be drafted. The Baltimore Ravens did give him a shot at fullback, but he failed to make the team. Honestly, this could have been the best thing to ever happen to him. Trying to figure out what to do next with his life, he decided to enter the “family business.”



Bron Breakker - With Rick & Scott Steiner
[Image via WWE]


While WWE may not allow the infamous name to be used for Breakker, everything else about him screams “Steiner.” He’s Rick Steiner’s son and obviously Scott Steiner’s nephew. Breakker might have been thinking about football more often, he was a pretty good high school wrestler too. He won the Georgia Class AAAAAA State Championship at the 220lbs level.

What might freak people out is that he’s just as impressive athletically as his father and uncle. They were both impressive high school and collegiate wrestlers. Scott & Rick both wrestled for the University of Michigan. Scott was a NCAA Division I All-American and three-time Big 10 Runner-Up. Rick placed second at the Big 10 Championships in 1983, becoming an NCAA qualifier. He’d also record the fastest pin in school history at just 15 seconds.

That said, both went on to become impressive workers in the world of professional wrestling after their collegiate careers ended. They won multiple tag team titles together, while Scott went on to win several singles championships, including the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Clearly, Bron Breakker is a Steiner in every way. The way he moves, speaks, and even some of his move-set are all heavily connected to his father & uncle.

Going into the family business was a very smart move for Bron.



Bron Breakker Destroys NXT Wrestler
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As of now, WWE has been using Bron Breakker in the best possible way they can. He is already a two-time NXT World Champion. One of those reigns went for around a year, as well. WWE felt he needed to develop a bit more, which is why they kept him in NXT for far longer than most expected. That resulted in a tag team run with Baron Corbin, where the two won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic & the NXT Tag Team Titles.

He is supposed to go back to only being a singles act. They brought him up to the main roster for a bit, but after the WWE Draft placed everyone, they are now serious about pushing him. As we’ve seen, WWE is giving him a lot of squash matches. On television, we’re seeing Breakker get progressively upset with all of this. He was angry with RAW General Manager Adam Pearce about how he’s been misusing him.

In fact, Bron wanted to be in the King of the Ring Tournament and was left out of it by Pearce for an unknown reason. This led to Breaker ripping through a young NXT talent on WWE Monday Night Raw this week.

The plan for him going forward is very much the same. Overall, according to several outlets, they plan to give him a Brock Lesnar-like push.


What does this mean? Essentially, when Brock first debuted in WWE, he was pretty much beating down everyone he competed against. It might be one or multiple people at a time, but each time he’d tear through them like they were nothing. The former NCAA Heavyweight Champion was a beast, and incredibly athletic. WWE saw a lot in Lesnar back then and would go on to make him the WWE Undisputed Champion roughly 6 months into his main roster debut.

While Bron Breakker might not get this exact push, we can expect him to be a huge favorite to win the Men’s Money in the Bank match at the premium live event of the same name. He will continue to destroy people to a point that it’d be overkill, just like he did this week.

Pearce will get tired of Breakker doing this. Since he demanded better competition and more opportunities, it would only make sense for Pearce to put him in a match where he could get that. Along with that, if Breakker does not get it done, no big deal. He would get what he wanted and be beaten up heavily in the process. It’d be a win/win for Adam & Bron.

We expect him to be featured heavily at MITB. If he cashes in, we would not expect to see it for a bit. That’s mostly because there are plans for Gunther to win the World Heavyweight Title this year. Triple H would be unlikely to book Bron Breakker cashing in to end Gunther’s title run so quickly.

They also clearly have a plan to do some type of program with Breakker and Ilja Dragunov soon as well.