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Boy Meets World’s Danielle Fishel Wants To Be Put Through A Table

Danielle Fishel, known by most of the world for her role as Topanga Lawrence in Boy Meets World, has been a huge professional wrestling fan for years. She has often expressed her love for pro wrestling on social media. She even made an appearance on the New Day Podcast where she spoke about her love for the product. Of course, her love for wrestling goes well beyond the WWE. She has often been at independent wrestling shows over the years.

In fact, Danielle met Lio Rush at a local independent show and the two developed a friendship during that time. She was even there to see him do it when he made his debut in WWE. Fishel even made a dream come true a little while back when she met up with Trish Stratus to take a picture with her. Basically, every dude who grew up in the 1990s absolutely lost their mind over it.

While Fishel has attended a lot of WWE shows over the years. It became such a common occurrence to see her that even CM Punk took notice. Once, he even wanted her to manage Lio Rush when he was part of AEW.



Matthew Lawrence & Will Friedle with Mick Foley
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Boy Meets World was a major show in the 1990s, and the Attitude Era was in full swing in WWE. As a result, the writers wrote out several wrestling-themed episodes for the show. Vader actually became a recurring character on the show, even becoming Frankie Stecchino’s father. This led to Vader showing up in several episodes across a few seasons. Eventually, other wrestlers from WWE were brought in.

While not part of the actual show, considering his small appearance was filmed at a live event, Bruce Prichard made an appearance on the show. Jake “The Snake” Roberts fought Vader in a match on that same show. Therefore, he was technically on the show but only as himself.

One of the most memorable appearances was Mankind, who was on the show acting as a referee. Rachel McGuire & Jack Hunter broke up, and she thought he was leaving yet he thought she was. He brought Eric Matthews with him to move back in, but Rachel had invited Angela & Topanga to move in. Causing a slight issue where a decision needed to be made. Neither wanted to give it up, so they decided to fight over it.

Mankind was brought in to be the referee and was hilarious the whole time.

That said, it is safe to say Danielle’s wrestling fandom began during this period.



Danielle Fishel & Anthony Bowens
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Perhaps one of the most popular things a pro-wrestler has to do in their career is go through a table. Most end up doing this on the independents, but several go through them when they make it big in WWE or another promotion. Most of the time, going through a table is considered a “bad thing.” Yet every real fan has probably thought about going through one.

That said, it should not shock anyone that Danielle Fishel wants to. On a recent episode of Pod Meets World, she said:

“I do have a real, kind of a secret goal. At some point in my life, I want to be put through a table. In a wrestling ring.”

Will Friedle & Rider Strong, her co-hosts on the show, humorously said in return that they would have happily put her through a table years ago. They just did not know this was a goal of her’s back then.

It is certainly interesting that Fishel wants to do this, especially after becoming a mother. However, she just turned 43 years old on May 5th. Therefore, this might have been something she began to realize that she needed to do sooner rather than later. Eventually, she would not be able to do it as easily.

WWE may catch wind of this and bring her in to do the spot. If not, a local Californian independent company would have to be trying to contact her about it by now, right? It would be crazy if they did not try to capitalize on this.



Topanga & Trish Stratus
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One thing people might not know about Danielle Fishel is that she really wants to become a professional wrestling manager. She has expressed wanting to do this for a while now. Yet she spoke about it back in 2021 on Wrestling With Will, where she said:

“It’s something Jensen and I have talked about. I love athletics…I am naturally athletic and when I put my mind to something and I train for something, I can really get into it. So there have been a few times where I thought man, what if I just like trained and became a wrestler? What if just had a second career, just a brand new career of just being a wrestler? Then I thought oh my gosh, my body would hate me. Like… I’m gonna be 40 this year. I don’t know if that’s the time to decide I’m gonna start wrestling. But would it be fun to be like a manager? Yes. I would love to do something like that. I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Now age 43, trying to get started as a wrestler might not be easy. She was right even back during the time when she was about to be 40. What’s so crazy is that nothing has happened yet. Fishel referenced that she was a big AEW fan and even followed Pro Wrestling Guerilla. Following PWG makes sense due to its California location, and a few of AEW’s founders were pretty big PWG guys.

She has been on AEW programming in the past, as she has presented at the AEW Dynamite Awards. It’s crazy that they have not tried to make this happen yet, as she has been deeply connected to the brand for a while now. However, she is still acting whenever opportunities pop up. It’s possible that she did not do anything for a while because she was filming Girl Meets World, but now she may have time to commit to this. However, she is now directing, so you never know.

She is still gorgeous, and a great actress. Honestly, Danielle Fishel would be perfect as a manager!