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Becky Lynch Is Taking A Long Break Days Before Her WWE Deal Expires

Becky Lynch lost the WWE Women’s Championship to Liv Morgan at the King & Queen of the Ring PLE this weekend. She would then lose the rematch to Morgan on WWE RAW this Monday too. After the loss, Lynch went on social media where she uploaded an image of herself walking away with the caption: “to be continued.” Of course, people should be aware that Lynch’s WWE contract is up this week.

She has not signed a new one as of this writing, but reports have claimed that she has been in discussions with WWE about it. For those unaware, Lynch was not supposed to be around right now. She was supposed to work the European Tour and then go on a break alongside her husband, Seth Rollins. However, when Rhea Ripley went down due to an injury, WWE needed Lynch to come back to help them out until her current deal expired.

Due to how much she loves where she works, Becky did as asked. While she might have avoided doing a ton of live events during this period, she was at every television taping leading into the King & Queen of the Ring PLE. A lot of people have speculated that Becky has not been willing to sign a new deal with WWE because she is entertaining offers from other companies, including AEW.

Let’s dive into all of the rumors and reference the actual facts.



Becky Lynch - NXT Women"s Champ
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While it is certainly undeniable that Tony Khan and AEW would love to sign Becky Lynch, it’s unlikely Khan has bothered to reach out. Most feel that Lynch is going to be a WWE Lifer, and would never leave WWE unless they simply refused to re-sign her. However, WWE has had a long time to re-sign her and has yet to do so. Why haven’t they done this yet?

The reason for that is two-fold. First, they had a person who previously handled contract negotiations who they have now fired. They brought in a few people to help fix a lot of this and several top names have re-signed ever since. It should be noted that, even still, WWE does not have any “first right” type of thing in contracts. As in, the company has the right to try and re-sign them before they speak with other companies.

This is likely not in most deals because WWE has been at the top of the mountain in terms of places to work monetarily speaking. This changed when Tony Khan got involved in professional wrestling. AEW offers very competitive deals, where they can match or outspend them. To be fair, the TKO Group has more money than they know what to do with. Khan could never outspend them, because even his pockets are not big enough.


Simply put, some people are not worth going over a specific amount. WWE factors in how much a person will make them and will want to sign them for far less than what they’d make off of them. If they think they’ll make $10 million on them over 3 years, they’ll want to negotiate a deal at less than $5 million. This usually comes with a generous guarantee, which was actually explained well on Maven Huffman’s YouTube Channel.

This type of philosophy differs from how Khan does business. He often overpays wrestlers for more than they’ll ever make AEW. While this is great for the wrestlers, it’s bad business. Khan will also try to offer deals over what WWE is willing to go, which is why he was able to sign people like Will Ospreay, Kazuchika Okada, and several others that WWE also tried to sign. With this bigger money even comes a lighter schedule, so who would not be interested in going there, right?

WWE’s contract ideology is considered with Becky Lynch just as much as anyone else. She has made them a ton of money and how she was used resulted in other women wanting to work for them. Not only has she made WWE a lot of money, she has exceeded the value of her contract. Which means she deserves more money. Factoring all of this out in negotiations, however, takes time.

Just because Becky has not signed a new deal does not mean she is talking with AEW, so people need to cool it with that concept. Besides, AEW cannot offer her as much as she gets in WWE.



Becky Lynch - WWE Women's World Champion
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One of the reasons AEW cannot offer Becky Lynch as much as WWE can is pretty obvious. Her husband works for the WWE. Seth Rollins recently took a break himself, a much-needed one to rest countless injuries. It was reported weeks ago that Rollins agreed to a new contract, meaning he worked out a deal while on his break. The new deal reportedly gave Rollins a big pay increase, which is deserved. Most of the new WWE contracts have seen large pay increases, so that is not a surprise.

Becky is likely going to see the same type of offer. Some have speculated the reasoning for everything happening as it is. Fightful reports that her contract officially expires on June 1st, which is this weekend. Wade Keller of PWTorch claimed that multiple sources told him that Lynch would be taking a hiatus. Keller went on to say:

“We are not aware of whether this is to spend more time at home and take a break from the grind or if it’s out of frustration with her contract offer from WWE.”

Keller also claimed that a “colleague” of Lynch stated that “she will return to WWE someday.” That same colleague seemed to be confident that WWE and Lynch would work out a deal.


Wade is smart to point out that there are many rumored reasons she will be taking time off. We can assume that she needs a break after so long without one. She also seemed to be taking a break alongside her husband. Therefore, it makes sense to assume they’ll be out for the same length of time.

It’s unlikely she is taking time away because of frustration over the new contract. Mostly because WWE has resolved a lot of those issues by replacing the person they had in that role weeks ago. This is why PWInsider reported that WWE feels they will come to a new agreement with Becky Lynch very soon.

Due to Becky’s deal expiring this week, things might work out exactly as they did with Seth. For those unaware, Rollins’ deal was set to expire the same week he reached a new deal with WWE. That said, the same thing happened recently with Drew McIntyre. It seems to be pretty clear, at this point, that Becky will likely reach an agreement with WWE before the week is up.

However, the company nor Lynch may not report on the new contract the day it happens.

It’s expected that Lynch will be out of action at a minimum through the Summer. This means we won’t see her back until after the SummerSlam PLE.